While healthcare is quite robust and enables us to live longer healthier lives, the healthcare system can also be complex and difficult to manage for most of us. Seniors and their loved ones must navigate these often fragmented healthcare systems on their own. At Elder Keepers we recognize how overwhelming this can be; particularly if you are in the role of caring for an aging parent, partner or loved one.

Elder Keepers is a private affordable option for seniors and their caregivers. We provide the following targeted services:

~ Person-centered care. We empower you to take a more proactive role in managing your healthcare.

~ Quality health education. We recognize that the learning of a chronic condition can be daunting, so we build upon tried and true ways to increase patient and family understanding of the condition, to increase well-being, compliance, and reduce common errors.

~ Experienced medical professionals who employ a human centered approach. We employ this approach to each and every senior and their family members.

~ Commitment to autonomy, individuality and personhood. We recognize the value in the person and work to allow seniors the opportunity to age safely at home.

Elder Keepers' model of care is heavily inspired by Leo's Story and the advanced care management efforts that brought her home.