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Keepers' First Family

There for you hand in hand

Elder Keepers is a small company with a big heart. We strive to provide seniors with superior care and access to services that allow them to remain healthy and safe at home throughout their golden years.

We offer a wide array of services including:

~ Comprehensive medical review and recommendations. We review your overall medical picture to identify any gaps in care and work with you and your providers to close gaps. In example, we may recommend a routine screening if we identify that it has not been done.

~ Healthcare oversight. We are your eyes and ears. We help to ensure that your providers are meeting standards of care.

~ Care coordination. You may have multiple medical providers. We help to ensure that your care is delivered in a coordinated fashion across your care team. 

Please contact us to learn more about improving your health outcomes.

It is our pleasure to serve you.

Care Management Service